IEX-Sharp integrates the IEX Cloud API into the Microsoft Office Suite. With IEX-Sharp, you can download financial data on all of the companies in the S&P 500 into Excel using a function, incorporate this data into your financial models, and then pull that data into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook all with the press of a button. IEX-Sharp seamlessly integrates with your existing Excel models, Word documents, and PowerPoint and Outlook templates that you use on a routine basis.

IEX-Sharp is a 100% free software, and all of the financial data comes straight from IEX Cloud, subject to their terms and conditions on using the data.

IEX-Sharp is incredibly simple to use, utilizing a templating language that takes seconds to learn and minutes to master. To learn how to use IEX-Sharp, check the Documentation page. Here is an example of using IEX-Sharp:

The current stock price of Apple is {{ TICKER=AAPL; }}.

When IEX-Sharp is run, it will find the {{ TICKER=AAPL; }} template, and will convert into the stock price of Apple Inc.

Stock price isn't the only data that we can pull in from the IEX Cloud. IEX-Sharp can also pull data such as the company name, dividends, revenue, the name of the CEO, the sector, and much more. See the Documentation page for a full list of data. Here is an example of using IEX-Sharp to pull in Amazon's revenue and its name:

The most recent revenue of {{ TICKER=AMZN; METRIC=CompanyName }} is {{ TICKER=AMZN; METRIC=Revenue }} .

These templates only work in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Excel has the same functionality, but uses a function to pull in this data. Here is an example of using IEX-Sharp to pull in Amazon's revenue into Excel:

2 Revenue   =IEX($B$1, A2)  
3 Profit   =IEX($B$1, A3)  
4 Assets   =IEX($B$1, A4)  
5 Liabilities   =IEX($B$1, A5)